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Why choose Manzanita Web Design?  I have many years of professional freelance design experience, having worked for a wide variety of clients - including small businesses, individuals, artists, musicians, governmental agencies, general contractors, doulas, therapists, composers and architects.  Green. Local. Easy.


I have many years of experience working for a variety of clients, including small businesses, individuals, bloggers, artists, musicians, governmental agencies, general contractors, doulas, therapists, composers, and architects.


I love design and the creative process, and think of websites as functional art pieces - not only should a site be easy to understand, it should be beautiful to look at. I stay up to date with the latest design trends and modern techniques and tools.


Undertaking a website project can seem daunting at first, but I will take the time to guide you through each step of the process and answer your questions to ensure you fully understand all of your options.


No matter what your budget, I can help you design or redesign your site. You have numerous options for the design process and maintenance so that we can create a website together regardless of what you are able to afford.


I test all sites on both Macs and Windows PCs in the three most common web browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox). This ensures that your site will be accessible to the majority of potential visitors/customers.


Located in Sonoma County, most of my clients are from Santa Rosa and Sebastopol. However I have worked with some clients throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Keeping it local allows for face to face meetings during the design process and promotes community.


I prefer to operate paper-free; all communication, invoicing, and payment can be done digitally. For printed materials, I use a printer that offers 100% post-consumer recycled paper and soy-based inks. My car (a fuel-efficient VW Golf) runs on biodiesel, and I recharge my iPhone using solar power. Also, I participate in PG&E's ClimateSmart program, a voluntary program that balances out the greenhouse gas emissions that are produced by the energy used for my home office. ClimateSmart funds go directly towards funding new greenhouse gas emission reduction projects in California, such as conserving and restoring ecosystems and capturing methane gas from dairy farms.


Client Testimonials:


"I LOVE my site. It completely fits me so thank you for helping me through this process. Your organization, efficiency, education/coaching and warm supportive patience facilitated a great experience for me. I will highly recommend you (actually already have). After you got my final site up and running it attracted TWO new clients in the first day.

-Traci Ippolito
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"Manzanita Web Design has done a great job setting up our two websites. After getting our profile he quickly understood our concept and translated our needs into the websites very well. In a short time we were ready to go!"

-Goran Berg
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"Manzanita Web Design is a very talented and easy to work with designer. In the beginning, he helped me to envision the exact kind of site I wanted (colors, images, objective, etc). As he designed possible layout templates, I appreciated that he consulted me so I could contribute to the different permutations along the way. As an artist myself, I am thankful that he completely listened to my design ideas and was easily and efficiently able to execute my vision into web language. Brian is very creative and his suggestions for design were innovative and blended well with my ideas. He incorporated my hand-drawn logo and had many ideas about how to represent the feeling of fluidity and softness that I wanted to portray to my clients (I work with families and their newborns). My website looks better than I had ever imagined it would!

He also helped me design a beautiful business card and flyers on short notice. Brian is friendly, prompt, and always helpful and I would recommend Manzanita Web Design to anyone who wants a personalized and creative website or other promotional materials. I have gotten endless compliments on my business materials and many clients from having such a professional looking site."

-O'Nell Starkey
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"I am a freelance video artist in Santa Rosa and I hired Manzanita Web Design to create my website. I was completely satisfied with his knowledge of cutting-edge web techniques, his strong handle on visual balance and dynamics, and his sense-friendly functionality.

Brian was incredibly easy to work with. He is a clear communicator, always on time to appointments, and constantly knew how to turn my ideas into web pages.

Thanks to Manzanita Web Design I am making my earnings from people who visit my website."

-Wendy Allen
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